Our Vision & Mission
  • Accessing up to date know- how in our field of activity in order to present the clients with the latest innovations and developments of products.
  • Technical support of customers from the first step of design and equipment selection up to installation and commissioning.
  • Commitment to clients on the quality and effectiveness of the equipment services including the on time delivery.
  • Easy access of clients to the company responsible persons and experts for prompt response to their technical and commercial inquiries.
  • Maximum flexibility to achieve the best compatibility of selected equipment with the clients’ requirements in both technical and commercial sides.
  • Acquiring clients’ confidence and satisfaction by seriously and continuously following the above benchmarks.
  • Kermanshah Petrochemical plant Blast Valve and louvers
  • Apadana Methanol plant Blast Valve
  • Apadana Methanol plant Duct accessories
  • Gachsaran Petrochemical plant Duct accessories
  • Dehloran Petrochemical plant Blast Valve
  • Tabriz HDPE plant Blast Valve
  • Bushehr HDPE plant Blast Valve

The 2nd International specialized exhibition of Tunnel and Metro underground spaces equipment is going to be held from 21 to 24 Feb 2023 in Tehran International Exhibition Centre.This Exhibition will be a good opportunity for experts and specialists in this field to exchange Their knowledge and achievements.



Tele fax: +98 21 26403606-8

Emai : info@amad.ir

Address: U5, 2nd floor, No. 12, Anvar (Shangarf) St, in front of Al-Ghadir Mosque,

Mirdamad Blvd, Tehran-Iran

  • Maintaining safety and health standards within industrial sites is our priority

  • Our know how and experience help us to fulfill clients' requirements

  • Your Trust and satisfaction are the foundation of our business

  • Your comments and suggestions help us to improve everyday

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