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Our Current Projects
  • Noori Petrochemical plant Blast Valves and Fire dampers
  • Dehloran Petrochemical Plant Blast Valves
  • Sina Petrochemical Plant Blast Valves
  • Isfahan RHU plant Blast valves and Fire dampers
  • Damavand Petrochemical Plant Blast Valves
  • Pazanan Blast dampers and duct accessories
  • Gureh-Jask pipe line (pump station No.5) Blast valves and duct accessories

Tele fax: +98 21 26403606-8

Emai : info@amad.ir

Address: U5, 2nd floor, No. 12, Anvar (Shangarf) St, in front of Al-Ghadir Mosque,

Mirdamad Blvd, Tehran-Iran

  • Maintaining safety and health standards within industrial sites is our priority

  • Our know how and experience help us to fulfill clients' requirements

  • Your Trust and satisfaction are the foundation of our business

  • Your comments and suggestions help us to improve everyday

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